Lawrence Holmes

Designer & Developer


A designer and developer who is passionate about music and photography.

A recent graduate, I design and develop beautiful, usable products for the web using technologies like Node.js and React.



Songstack is an iOS and web app for discovering new music

It employs a swiping interface, enabling users to easily feedback on each song they hear. In turn, the recommendations become more accurate to the user's taste.

The iOS app is built with Swift 3, the web app with React, and the server that powers these is built with Node.js and MongoDB.

Songstack was featured on Product Hunt.

Find your best festival

A simple web app that helps users find their ideal festival

The tool uses various APIs to get a list of the artists that users follow, and then displays festivals that most match their interests.

Built using React & MongoDB alongside the APIs of Songkick, Spotify and Facebook, the website has been used by over 2000 people (mainly thanks to being featured on Product Hunt).


A web app enabling users to save concert setlists as Spotify playlists

Built with React and the APIs of, Spotify and Songkick, the app has been used to save over 15,000 Spotify playlists and is featured on Spotify's Developer Showcase.

Setify has been a playground for me to experiment with and learn new ideas. The first version was made while learning React, and newer features like Average Setlist have helped me to expand my knowledge.


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